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The 10th Annual Fire Ant Festival for 2005 will be March 24th, 25th, and 26th. It is held in Ashburn, Turner County Georgia. You will find all kinds of events going on during the Fire Ant Festival. There are events for young and old to enjoy. Ashburn is proud of this community event and hope to have you join us for the fun. You will find all the details about the Fire Ant Festival on the great Fire Ant Festival website designed and maintained by Mandy McClure. You will find everything you need for attending the festival, or being a part of this great event. Thanks to Mandy for a great web site for the fire ant festival. For information about your participation in the Fire Ant Festival you may visit and contact Shelly and her staff at the Turner County Chamber of Commerce.

Red Fire Ants are a South American Species that was accidentally introduced in the United States in the the 1930's in Mobile Alabama where they arrived after hitching a ride on a ship. This more aggressive species of ant has a very painful sting. They are usually encountered by accidentally stepping into one of their mounds, which causes the fire ants to swarm up the person or animals leg, attacking in mass.

Today fire ants are found in most of the southern states. It is not uncommon to see fire ant mounds to suddenly appear in a yard or field, seemingly overnight.



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Fire Ant Festival 2003

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