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We are now part of the PINES system.  Almost state wide library system.  If our library does not have an item we can request it from any where in the PINES system, as long as it is over 6 months old.  If there is a request, check with us at 229-567-4027.

Any person who has a social security card may get a library card.  Patrons under the age of 18 must have parental consent and a parent to come in with them and sign their registration form to receive a library card.  Also a picture ID and proof of current address is needed.

Fax Machine - for $2.00 you can send a fax and for $1.00 you can receive a fax.

Copy Machine - copies are .20 each.

Tax Forms - are free unless copies have to be made.

Magazines - the most recent of many of today's popular magazines.

Reference Material -


Microfilm and Microfiche Readers - Wiregrass Farmer on microfilm through April, 2001; also have 1910 and 1920 Census for Turner County

Genealogy Material - several county and family histories, plus access to other material through the Coastal Plain Regional Library System and beyond'

Video's -

Interlibrary Loans - if we can't find it locally we can go to state sources, regional even national sources to help provide information.

Intralibrary Loans - working through the Coastal Plain Regional Library System, we can borrow books and material from any of the five libraries.

Multipurpose Meeting Room - provides comfort, quiet and privacy to those needing
meting space.

Study Room - a room designed for complete concentration and quiet.

Typewriter -

Preschool Story Hour - available through the Coastal Plain Regional Library System, the Children's Librarian visits approximately once a month to tell stories, read interesting books, and sing songs from September to May.

Summer Reading Club - in connection with the State of Georgia this program invites children, both preschool and school age to read... the amount of time spent reading may determine if the kids receive a certificate for
their efforts.

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